Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching Up

Life has a way of getting away from me when I’m not looking at, and living by, my day planner. I try, really I do, but I think I take on more projects than I can possibly handle just so I don’t have time to compulsively check my e-mail. It’s a temptation for me, and I hear I’m not alone. This week edits on Ink start, I’m trying to finish up the space opera novella (I’m rather impressed with how it’s turning out), I had a fantastic idea for a new story pop into my head that I want to draft it before I forget it, I have a suitcase full of laundry from our vacation, and I have to start planning the trip we’re taking in October. I know, it seems like I have plenty of time to plan the trip, but that’s what I always think and then we’re scrambling to find a hotel at the last moment. Not this time! I will get a good rate at a good hotel, preferably one with a pool. Thank goodness I have a fantastic husband who doesn’t mind eating convenience food from time to time. I honestly don’t know how I’d cope without him.

Well, I’m off to get my space opera done. The submission deadline is Aug. 10th and I have so much yet to do, including a synopsis.