Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Day of Extraordinarily Good News!

Yesterday was just a super fantastic day. It started out with the cover of Dragonborne being posted on Samhain’s website! Which meant I could share. Yay.

Then I downloaded the finalized version of Ink in the Blood to my Sony so I could read it while waiting at the doctor’s appointment. Double yay.

And finally, for the win, we got the letter from the college that said my husband has officially graduated.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life it’s that days like that don’t come around too often, so I did everything I could to bask in the glow of happiness and soak in the all-is-right with the world feeling. And to help continue the basking, here's the link to my excerpt from Ink, which is being released in just over a month! The last line is one of my favorites from the story. It’s actually the reason I chose this as the excerpt. Hope you enjoy the story clip and are having a fantastic day of your own.


  1. That's one awesome cover! Congrats! Let me know if you want a reviewer for it :)
    aubriedionne at

  2. Thank you :) I'd love for you to review it.

  3. You can send it over to me anytime :)

    aubriedionne @