Monday, November 5, 2012


If you ask writers what they dread the most about a new release,  I'm willing to bet nine times out of ten times their answer is going to be promo.  Promotion work.  Telling the world about your newest creation.  It's not that we aren't proud of our work, we are.  But, for the most part, we're kind of quiet people.  It's one of the reasons we write.  There are few jobs that pay you to sit at home and live vicariously though others.  Actually, writing is about all that comes to mind right now.  Sure, we've got Twitter and Facebook.  And I love them!!  But I don't use them to promote as much as to keep up with what's going on in the industry and to stay in touch with friends.

But here it is, almost release time, and I'm diligently working on my promo.  'Cause I am proud of my book and I do want people to know about it.  The first thing I always do is work out a bribe...I mean reward.  This time, it's chocolate!  I get a piece whenever I finish a blog post.  Then I determine why I'm proud of the story.  This helps me when coming up with ideas for blogs.  It helps me highlight what's special or interesting about the particular story. this story we have....

1. A strong female and a Malkovichian male.  That's a start.

2. Betrayal.  That'll keep things interesting.

3. Hot sex.  Always good to have in a story.

4. Addiction.  Because if we let them, our vices will define us.

5. Heat break.  The truest test of survival skills.

6. Trust issues.  Let's face it, we all have those.

7.  Oh, and did I mention hot sex?  Well, it bears repeating ;)

So after I have this list, I start writing posts that (I hope) are relatable.  And, of course, I start e-mailing my friends with blogs to see if I can guest blog for them.

It's all pretty straight forward but it requires a lot of exposure.  Which is kind of the point.  But I'm not all that fond of exposure.  I mean, I want my book to have exposure, but I want to stay on the sidelines in the shadows.  I'm realistic enough to know that just isn't possible though.  So look for my guest blog posts in the upcoming weeks and months.  I'll post links to them on here as they come up so you can come on over, check out a new blog, and say hi!  And maybe win something, like a free download of Bond Betrayed!

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