Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Day

I’ve had a great day and just had to share.  First of all, I got my heroine out of the shower.  She’s still handcuffed, but that’s by her choice and for her own protection.  Again, makes sense perfect when you read it.

One of my friends, Cora Zane had a release today.  She was nice enough to send me one of book cards and I have to say, her cover is beautiful!  If you want to check it out ‘Cora Zane’ links to her site.  It’s an over 18 site, so sorry minors, it’s not for you.

And then I stopped lurking at Lyrical’s group site and I won Bright Star by Grayson Reyes-Cole.  I’ve had my eye on it for awhile now so I’m really excited.  It too has a lovely cover.  Bright Star’ links to her page so you can check it out.  I’ll let you all know what I think about it after I get and read it.

That’s it for here.  I hope you have a streak of good luck of your own. 


  1. Hey Chandra,

    Your copy of Bright Star has been sent on! I'm so excited you're getting. Also, congratulations on your contract with Lyrical Press!


  2. Thanks, Grayson. I can't wait to get it. Also, thanks for the congrats. It's still really new, so it doesn't feel real yet. I'm sure it will once I start getting edits and deadlines, though :)

  3. Oh yeah, it will start feeling new. But, I'm tellin' ya release day will drive it home!