Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catching up...

I know, I've been a really bad blogger. The problem is, I really haven't. With the release of Bond Betrayed I've been blogging my little fingers off. Only the posts have been on other people's blogs. So, in case you've missed any of my blogs, here's a list of where I've been and what I've been blogging about over the last couple of weeks. The name of each blog is a link to the post. The contests are all closed but the posts are still up. And, if you were interested in winning a download of Bond Betrayed, there will be a couple more contests in the near future. One is going to be this Saturday, Dec. 1st. I'll post a link to that blog address, too!

On Nov. 8th I was on Sandra Sookoo's blog talking about realistic romance.

On Nov. 12 I was on Lissa Matthew's blog talking about good boys who are bad in all the right ways.

On Nov. 13th I was on Ella Jade's blog with a Tease us Thursday excerpt from Bond Betrayed.

On Nov. 19th Nerine Dorman had me on her blog with an interview.

On Nov. 20th Jocelyn Dex had me on her blog with a hilarious interview. (This is the one that had the    question about sex toys.)

On Nov. 23rd I was on Delilah Devlin's blog talking about the Community.

Whew... So I think that catches us up to where I am now. But wait!  There's more!!

On Dec. 1st I'm scheduled to be on Everybody Needs A Little Romance talking about holiday traditions and I will be giving away a download of Bond Betrayed to a commenter that tells me what their favorite tradition is.

On Dec. 3rd Renita Pizzitola is doing an author spotlight featuring me.

On Dec. 11th I'm scheduled to be on The Storm Goddess's Blog doing a post on the importance of ink in the Community.

At some point in Dec. I'm going to have a post on Long and Short Reviews talking about green Christmases. That post will also have a contest to win a download of Bond Betrayed. I'll update with the date and the link when I get it.

On Dec 20th I'm going to be on Cynthia D'Alba's blog talking about...well...something. I'll update this after I've written the blog

On Jan. 7th I'm going to be a Monday's Friend on Sara Jayne Townsend's blog where I'll be talking about the joys of being a pantser (sorry, I'm not sure why this keeps wanting me to blog about the joys of being a panther). I will be giving away a download of Bond Betrayed on this blog as well.

And on Jan. 29th. I'm going to be on Nine Naughty Novelists talking about...well...something else. Again, I'll update this as soon as I've written the post!

So that's where I am right now. Everything but three posts are done and submitted to the bloggers.  Now I need to get those last two done!  Huzzah.  I see the light....

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